Frequently Asked Unlocking Questions

Q1 - What is mobile phone unlocking?

A1 - Many mobile phones are 'network locked' meaning they can be used only with a SIM card from the original network. Network locked mobile phones will not operate with a SIM card from a competing network. Unlocking your mobile phone removes the 'network lock' allowing you to use SIM cards from competing networks.

Q2 - How is a mobile phone unlocked?

A2 - Mobile phones can be unlocked either by the entry of a 'SIM Unlock Code', or direct by 'Cable' using specialist equipment.

Q3 - How do we perform unlocking?

A3 - We supply a SIM unlock code that is entered into the mobile phone using the phones keypad/dialler. Every SIM unlock code we supply comes with full, detailed instructions. We use the very best unlocking equipment and the very latest algorithms to deliver our service.

Q4 - What is the purpose of unlocking?

A4 - There is only one purpose - removal of the network lock to allow the use of SIM cards from competing networks, there is no other purpose whatsoever. Unlocking does not remove or reset any other security features (lock codes and passwords etc.), and it does not remove or reset any network specific branding (start-up and shut-down logos, network specific menus or settings etc.). Unlocking does not allow you to use a mobile phone that has been 'blocked, barred or blacklisted'. Mobile phones are blocked, barred or blacklisted if they have been reported lost, stolen or damaged. Mobile phones are also blocked, barred or blacklisted if they were subject to a contract, and the person who signed the contract failed to adhere to the terms of the contract (e.g. failure to pay bills).

Q5 - How safe is it?

A5 - Mobile phones are designed to be unlocked by code, so unlocking by code is the safest method available. Unlocking by code is also the only way to unlock a mobile phone without affecting the warranty. If you asked the original network to unlock your mobile phone, you would be supplied with the very same SIM unlock code we would supply (although the original networks usually charge much more, and have longer wait times). Don't just take our word for it, read our thousands of Customer Testimonials and see for yourself. You can also check out independent reviews of Unlocks on Review Centre.

Q6 - How long does it take?

A6 - Delivery is by email, usually within 24 hours for most models, however deivery of SIM unlock codes for some models can take much longer.

Q7 - What payment methods does we accept?

A7 - We currently accept payment only through the 'PayPal' payment service, however you don't need a PayPal account, you can still pay using most credit or debit cards.

Q8 - I have other questions, how do I contact you?

A8 - You can contact us via email by completing our Contact Form.


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