How To Enter MEP Unlock Code BlackBerry

Here we provide a guide showing you how to enter an MEP code to unlock your BlackBerry so that you can use your phone with alternative network SIM Cards. First read through the "CHECKLIST" to make sure your BlackBerry needs an MEP code for unlocking, then follow the "CODE ENTRY GUIDE" showing you how to enter the MEP code to unlock your phone!



Do you have an MEP code? - You will need an MEP code for us to show you how to enter the MEP code on your BlackBerry. If you do not have an MEP code for your BlackBerry, you can purchase one from us HERE!

  1. Insert an alternative network SIM card and power on your BlackBerry. By alternative network, we mean a compatible SIM card from a network other than the original network.

  2. The phone screen should display "Your SIM card requires an unlock code. Would you like to unlock it?" with "YES" and "NO" options.

  3. Select "YES" and your BlackBerry screen should now display "Enter Network MEP Code" or "Enter ServiceProvider MEP Code".

  4. Using the phones keypad, enter the MEP code you have, then click the Nav Key/Trackball to confirm code entry.

  5. Your BlackBerry may re-start itself. If not, power it off, then remove and re-insert the SIM card and battery.

  6. Your BlackBerry should now operate with an alternative network SIM card.

Although your BlackBerry is now unlocked and you will be able to make and receive calls and SMS with a compatible alternative network SIM card, you may need to install certain settings before you can use specific features such as "Internet" and "MMS". You will need to get the correct Internet and MMS settings for your BlackBerry from the new network. Other BlackBerry specific features such as "BBM" and "Email" can usually only be accessed and used if your new network operates BlackBerry Services. Once again you will need to contact your new network for clarification!


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