Free iPhone Unlocking

Did you know, if you are an O2 UK Pay Monthly or Business customer, you can get your iPhone permanently unlocked absolutely Free Of Charge? Also, did you know that O2 UK Pay & Go customers can get their iPhone permanently unlocked for only £15.00?

So, how does it work?

  1. This is a permanent solution only for O2 UK Pay Monthly, Business and Pay & Go customers and the iPhone MUST have originated from O2 UK. Your iPhone will remain unlocked for life, even after firmware updates!

  2. You should be the registered owner of your O2 UK iPhone. If you are not the registered owner of your O2 UK iPhone (e.g. you purchased a second-user iPhone), O2 UK may not offer you this service.

  3. Visit the O2 UK website (link below) and complete the request form.

  4. If you are an O2 UK Pay Monthly or Business customer the service is completely free of charge, however if you are an O2 UK Pay & Go customer, make sure you have £15.00 credit on your phone to cover the appropriate fee.

  5. Within 14 days, O2 UK will send you an SMS message to confirm that your iPhone has been registered as Unlocked with the server.

  6. Now all you need to do is connect your iPhone to iTunes and the iTunes application will confirm that your iPhone has been successfully unlocked.

That's it! Now what are you waiting for? Click the link below to visit the O2 UK website and get your O2 UK iPhone unlocked permanently and absolutely FREE (or for £15.00 in the case of O2 UK Pay & Go customers)!

O2 UK Free iPhone Unlocking

How many other online services do you know that would share this kind of information for free? Please remember us the next time you need a code for a BlackBerry, Alcatel, Samsung or ZTE based mobile phone!


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